The impact of zero
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Strategic intention

Creating a new green economy

Integrated solutions

The design and implementation of measurable, cost-effective large scale Renewable Energy, Agronomy and Sustainable Water Solutions for the Private and Public Sectors in Africa, using proven technologies

Sustainable implementation

The (concurrent) implementation of these agricultural projects to produce Biomass in support of Clean Energy Solutions; fodder and food.


The upskilling and capacitation of community participants to support the agricultural projects and the stakeholder value chain


The systematic redistribution of productive agricultural projects to local communities – through a fair ownership and managed transfer process


Solution offering

Sustainable in each sector

Public/Private Partnership

Solutions designed to augment public sector energy and water service delivery, with community development and job creation

Desalination and Food

Sustainable Water Solutions designed to create closed system food and water production – addressing the dual issues of water shortage and food security

Industrial/Geographical Cluster

Solutions designed to facilitate renewable energy and sustainable water access for multiple users within a focused geography or supply chain – utilizing economies of scale to enhance project viability


Sustainable energy solutions designed to lower the negative footprint of the automotive industry, while contributing to local economic development


Efficient energy and water solutions specifically designed for the mining industry – effective community empowerment while optimising the productivity and lifespan of the mine.

About us

The impact of zero

Kura Africa aims to catalyse intergenerational systemic change in our life time – by designing and implementing sustainable energy, water and agronomy solutions for industry and the economy at large; while engaging meaningfully with people and de-commoditizing the planet.

In delivering this vision – the business forms collaborative partnerships (between industry, society and the broader economy) to design effective renewable energy, sustainable water and agronomy solutions. All solutions are designed to have a net positive benefit to the client, on society and the environment – with the goal of zero negative impact hence “The Impact of Zero”.

The founders of Kura Africa have over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing leading-edge technology and development solutions globally.

Founding principles

Systematic change

Replacing harmful practices with beneficial practices

Large scale benefit

Designing for optimal value realization for all stakeholders, opening access to the economy


Designing for the future, implementing today

Our team

A group of passionate people


Our team is ready to assist you